Services for Nonprofits

At Raffa Wealth Management, we’re passionately committed to eliminating the barriers that impede the ability of nonprofits to achieve the market returns they deserve. We also recognize how important independence and objectivity are to executives and Trustees in fulfilling the critical role of oversight.

The type of investment services available in the marketplace today are mostly of the 'one size fits all' variety. Instead, we offer a range of services designed to meet each of our client’s unique needs. From comprehensive portfolio management – to oversight and audit functions – to customized consulting engagements we tailor our services so you maximize value and return on investment.

Portfolio Management

We understand just how important transparency and clarity are in the nonprofit sector. Through clear, concise reporting and personal communication and interaction, we function as an objective source of financial guidance. We provide the support you need to interact with your Board and executive committees on a regular basis and report to them with knowledge and conviction. Above all, we know you’re looking to us to maximize the performance of your investment portfolio, so we offer solutions backed by academic research designed to do just that. We employ an "asset class" based investment approach in an effort to deliver comprehensive market diversification among low or non-correlated assets at the lowest possible cost.

We strongly believe that eliminating unnecessary risks and expenses, and embracing the fundamentals that drive investment returns, provides for the greatest opportunity to achieve successful long term investment outcomes. When it comes to investing, simple is good.

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Portfolio Assessment and Consulting

Nonprofit executives and their Trustees cannot afford to delegate the role of oversight to the investment advisor or manager.  Risks and fees notoriously lack transparency and cannot be assumed appropriate.  Raffa Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to support this critical level of oversight.  Typical assessment services include:

  • Investment policy statement review and revision.
  • Analysis of investment risk and fees.
  • Appropriate benchmark verification and performance analysis.

Nonprofits routinely need specialized services related to their investments that are not or should not be performed by an investment advisor/manager/broker.  The following is a list of such services:

  • Aggregate accounting and/or performance reporting
  • RFP for investment advisors or managers
  • Retirement plan mutual fund analysis
  • Board or Committee education

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403(b) and 401(k) Consulting

Rich benefit plans have long been the cornerstone of attracting and retaining quality employees in the nonprofit sector. New regulations and volatile markets are causing uncertainty and concern from both plan sponsors and participants. RWM Retirement Services can help.

Our principals have been working with the myriad of product providers for over 15 years. We can give you insights from an insider’s perspective. We can work with your current provider to improve the transparency, efficiency, and success of your current retirement plan. Or, you can transition to the plan we support. Either way, you’ll get the guidance you need to feel confident that you’re meeting your fiduciary responsibilities and you’re employees will get the support and education they need to invest properly in pursuit of their long term retirement goals.
If your current retirement plan provider or broker is neglecting to meet your needs for investment education and guidance, fee disclosure and transparency, or ease of administration -we can help!

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Our Fees

All things being equal, lower fees mean better returns.

Maximizing the 'efficiency' with which an investor achieves comprehensive market diversification is fundamental to maximizing investment results. By accessing institutional class investment funds, designed specifically for this purpose, we are able to reduce your investment costs and improve bottom line performance.

Let's face it. Your total investment costs have a direct impact on your investment results. In our effort to maximize your' returns, we seek to deliver investment plans with the lowest possible investment costs.

Fees for portfolio management are typically billed as a percentage of total assets under management.  Audit and consulting services are billed as a flat fee based on the nature and scope of the engagement.  401(k) and 403(b) advisory services are charged as a percentage of total plan assets and fees are typically deducted quarterly from participant accounts.

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